We have 10 vendors lined up and ready to go.

Over the next days and weeks, we will be adding their profiles and products to the site.

As launch vendors we are proud to be representing:

SpeechLogix ( is a well established vendor in the Middle East with a range of on-premises business solutions including:

  • DGVox: Call Recording, Screen Recording, Quality Monitoring for Contact Centres and beyond. DGVox is a market leader in the GCC
  • SpeechBill: Call Accounting solution
  • CTIBuzz: Computer Telephony Integration for SMEs. Hotels, Lawyers, Hospitals, Dentists etc. can receive on screen information about their callers before they answer
  • Outbound Dialler: To automate outbound calling campaigns, even automate the process with Chat Bots to interact with the customer, e.g. to confirm an upcoming appointment

XLogix ( is a Cloud IP telephony solution, which takes the above SpeechLogix solutions to the next level in the cloud and adds so much more including:

  • IP Telephony simultaneously available on users’ desk phone, laptop, tablet and smartphone
  • Uses Google’s global network to seamlessly connect to companies’ branches and staff worldwide
  • Advanced features including chats, presence, video calls and conferencing, screen share, file transfer and much more
  • Cloud Contact Centre – Google Contact Centre
  • Google next generation AI powered Bots
  • Speech Analytics, transcription and translation for 120 languages, with no set up or license fees