BPM FZ LLC is a Dubai Media City Free Zone company committed to providing great international software products across Middle East and Africa. We hand pick and thoroughly vet quality software vendors, their products and most importantly, their support.  

BPM represents great international software vendors to develop their business in this region. To date, we have developed multiple vendors’ businesses, from little or no revenue, to leaders in their regional segment with multi-million Dollar regional revenues. Mid-sized vendors gain access to new revenues, at little or no cost, and can focus their efforts in building their core markets.                                              

Our resellers enjoy total support from initial enquiry, through sales and technical pre-sales support, to implementation and most important of all to first-rate ongoing customer technical support. We ensure our resellers receive great margins and great support. We even provide them with leads.                                                

Our customers get a far greater choice of software from a large range of international vendors. All products are tested and fully supported in ME&A region. Without BPM, customers may be limited to what the main telephony vendors (Cisco, Avaya etc.) are offering with little scope for price negotiations. With BPM, a whole world of new software options is opened up.

My background is in setting up very successful regional distribution of software solutions, connecting overseas vendors to the Middle East and Africa markets. We have now started a new business model taking this concept online and handling multiple vendors instead of just one at a time. International vendors get access to ME&A markets with virtually $0 investment. Our reseller network gets access to new products and regional customers giving them more choice of software solutions.